Extension Policy

  • Only the extensions listed on the Extension Store can be added to your website.
  • The maximum number of extensions that can be added on the E-Com Basic & Grow package are 5 and a maximum of 10 extensions can be added to the E-Com Scale package.
  • To add more extensions than the limits mentioned above you can purchase an additional extensions maintenance pack which will allow you to add 5 more extensions costing an additional ₹499/mo. You can buy more than one package to add even more extensions.
Additional Maintenance Fee Justification

Every extension that you add to your website puts more load on our servers and consumes additional computing power of our servers. In addition to this we install / remove / replace the extension / plugin for you and manage updates whenever an update is made available by the developer. When a plugin updates, it could trigger critical errors which might break the entire as well. Incase such a case we roll back the plugin to the previous stable version and ensure that your website continues to function. Against these services we charge you a nominal fee of ₹499/month/ for every 5 extensions.


Cannot find or want to list an extension here?

I am a customer, I want to implement a feature but I am not able to find any extension which will help me do that

Please reach out to our support team they can help you find one. There are 1000's of extensions available for WordPress which may not be listed in our extension store. Our experts can recommend extensions which they might know off from their years personal work experience and which might suit your requirement in accordance with our security policy.

You can either raise a ticket or just send an email to support@infobahn.technology

I am a customer, I know about this WordPress Extension / Plugin, which I want to add to my site but it is not listed here.

You can make a request to list an extension  / plugin by filling this form. However this process could take time, as our team will review the plugin to ensure that it is in accordance with our security and business policy and if it is we will list it on our extension store. Mean while our team could recommend you an extension listed in our store with similar features, if one is available.

While listing an extension we take many factors into consideration such as development cycle, update cycle, resource consumption, bloat code, developer reputation to ensure safety of all websites on our network. So there is a possibility we might not be able to add every extension requested, due to one of the factors listed above.

At times we may not list an extension but rather just add it to your individual website as long as it is in accordance with our security and business policy.

I am a developer I want to list my plugins here as extensions

Please fill the form below, and we will get back to you within 72 hours

I want to suggest an extension that InfoBahn should list.

Thank you so much for your suggestions. Please fill the form below we will notify you if and when the plugin is listed. Such requests are usually processed on a weekly basis.

Extension Listing Form